Iman Designs

Your Dream Space Delivered.

Interior Design Firm Based in Zanzibar.

We are a distinguished and unique design firm. We have expertise in the following services:

  • Swimming Pool Design and Construction
  • Architectural details and drawings.
  • Space planning and interior architecture.
  • Finishing; Plumbing, Decorative Lighting, and Hardware selection.
  • Custom furniture, accessories, home decor, and art selection.
  • Custom Door Making

Custom Designed Swimming Pool

Uniquely designed, by our expert artisans – a contemporary and modern customized design swimming pool; from concept to construction and finishing.


Custom Designed Door Service

Wood doors just look and feel better. Nothing (not even the best imitation) compares to the quality of a solid wood door constructed with true craftsmenship. For starters, wood doors are considerably heavier and safer. Additionally, wood doors come in a variety of species and are generally easy to finish, making them more customizable to complement the style of your space.

Wood doors continue to maintain their beauty over time because they are extremely sturdy, withstanding years of heavy use. Unlike faux wood options, solid wood doors hold up much better over time and are tested constantly with everyday activities. They are long-term investments that make a statement for everyone that sees and uses them.


Why Choose Us

Building Planning

We love creating spaces from the ground – up, and we are offering project planning.

Interior Space

Using state-of-the-art software, we design your interior space to your liking.

Small Offices

We love being creative with space spaces, so you came to the right studio.

Renovating Space

We can help flesh your space, we give you new skin, a look, and a taste.

Free Consultation

Our experts are free to chat, offering you a professional consultation in your project.